Invinity launches FinzTrade, Malaysia’s first AI-enabled stock trading education portal.

Malaysia’s fintech history has recently shifted with the launch of the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled stock trading portal, FinzTrade. FinzTrade which was launched on 18 June 2019 by Invinity, promises to eliminate the two main factors affecting a successful trade: inadequate trading knowledge and emotion-driven trading.

Using AI-driven Automated Trading System (ATS) and educational content, FinzTrade serves as a guide for users to trade objectively by sharing its algorithmic stock trading experience while providing educational videos on the portal.

Speaking at the launch were guest speakers; Nik Ihsan Raja Abdullah, Board of Directors of International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA) and Dzulhilman Sulaiman, President of Malaysia Association of Technical Analysts (MATA).

To get free access to the portal, one may register at